Monday, July 11, 2005

The Need to Understand

People feel that they have a need to understand things. It is a natural feeling that somehow things have to make sense. This is what drives us towards new scientific, historic and medical discoveries among other things. However, it seems that this curioistic energy has been channeled in 2 negative directions.

1) If I do not understand, there must be a different explanation
2) Everything must fit into my understanding of life.

For example, people say things like, "I don't understand why good things happen to bad people and vice versa, there must not be reward and punishment/no God/uncaring God..." What happened to striving to find out the answer? Is it possible that the answer exists and a human does not have the intellect to understand it? Do we minimize God to such a level that he can only do things comprehendable by the human mind?

The other issue is that everything must fit into my understanding of life. I feel that stealing is wrong, therefore if someone steals he must be sick. If someone is a serial killer, he must be sick. It works the other way too, if something is a natural tendency, then it is ok. Homosexuality is a natural tendency, therefore if someone chooses that sexual perversion there is nothing wrong with it. The Torah is ancient and obviously God didn't understand that people must have these tendencies and therefore he wrote it was a perversion. If he had today's science, then he never would have written any of the stuff in that old book.

Beastiality is also a natural tendency, but you don't hear the people who exempt homosexuals from immorality exempting farmers who use their sheep. If you want something there is a natural tendency to take it, but these people are expected to overcome their natural tendency and be strong.

Nobody says, I don't understand how the bumblebee flies because it is aerodynamically unfit, therefore it doesn't.

The problem lies in the ability to see and understand. If you can see a bumblebee fly, then in your mind it is impossible to say that it can't. Whereas you cannot see God and his infinite wisdom and that gives you the ability to question things that can and cannot be.


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I like what you said about there being nothing in the Commandments about God being loving, but there is a commendment that we should love God. I think that if this love, and principle, are taken to heart, maybe explanation is not for us to need.

2R said...

You're so scary sometimes.