Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Are mom's allowed to get sick?

Mr. Mom has arrived. Or something.

First of all Jessica is my sisters roomate. Gessica is my wife. Though we don't call her that.

So last night when I got home from work the house was a mess, all the kids were up and golda was sprawled out on the couch looking miserable. Uh oh. what did I do now?

Apparantly golda caught the virus that's been making the rounds in the house and she was so miserably sick, that I took the day off of work to tend the house and children.
So I got up this morning late, thinking this is the life. But then I had to get kids dressed and take them to school. except avigail who was also sick she she stayed in bed. Anyways after a long day of playing with all of the toys and listening to music and everything it was 9:15 AM. uh oh. we managed to make it. anyways, yada yada yada and we had steak for dinner. I found out that in one of the supermarkets they have very kosher fresh meat, instead of the regulkar kosher that most places have. So I used a dry rub of red hot peppers and cumin. Then I placed freshly picked lemons on top of the meat while it was cooking. oooWah. That was good.

We got to video conference with my grandparents today. Who would have thought that great grandchildren and great grandparents would ever converse face to face while being across the ocean. All I can say is "God is Great."

Which makes me think, the arabic word for great is very similar to the Israeli word for mouse. On a similar note - the arabic word for thank you is very similar to the Israeli word for liar.

Kind of makes you think. And smile.

Have a good night.


anne berit said...


You posted some question to me yesterday; here is my try on answering:

From rockofgalilee:
1. After the fifth plague did Pharaoh fell he could win?
Yes, he did
2. Do parents really influence their children?
Oh, yea they do! But that is not the only thing that influences the children; hence children are not copies of their parents. And then there are the persona we are born as, our given dna. We can't run from that!
3. How big is the bridge?
You lost me which bridge??

Sorry about the last one - but i still don't get what you are hinting at.... :) Thanks for playing!

Air Time said...

Its a good thing your sister's roommate is jessica, other wise I would have never known who's blog I stumbled on to.