Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Day 2

We heard planes yesterday which is pretty odd. I commented to a friend that we must be bombing lebanon. He called me back 4 hours later and said we did. It's nice to be in the loop.

Today was also a trading day and it looks to have been fairly successful. Lets hope we can quickly recoup the losses of the last 2 weeks.

Monday night we had discussed it and golda felt that she was feeling well enough to handle being a full-time mom again. It's hard taking off work on unplanned notices, especially as I am in the middle of a bunch of things.

So I get home from davening this morning at 6:20 AM, put my tefillin down and grab my bag. For some strange reason everyone was awake. This never happens. Golda asked if I would mind waiting until I brought the kids to school and then took the car because she didn't feel she could drive. Uh Oh. I said sure and then a couple minutes later she started getting dizzy. The only 2 possibilities was acid or she was still very sick. I didn't think she was tripping so I sent her back up to bed and spent the 2nd day in a row as Mr. Mom.

At least nobody crapped on themselves this time. Today Avigail was sent to school but Naftali was sick. He was happily playing most of the time but at other times he just got so pitiful that we gave him more drugs until he started smiling again. In America its Tylenol, here we have something called Nurofin. Which is like a generic of the generic of tylenol or something similar.

Today I went out for lunch. I tried 4 places before I found the calzone that I wanted. Except they didn't know how it was pronounced and after explaining it in my what I thought was understandable hebrew she smiled and said, "calchuna?" that's ch as in chair. At least I enjoyed it afterwards.

Naomi went over to her friends house who's mother is English and who she says speaks only English in the house. Except when I heard her yell for her sister, it was in Hebrew. Maybe they don't know that English is a seperate language. I think the random British u was getting to them.

I went to a weird sheva brachos tonight by myself. It was weird in the fact that the only people who really knew the chasson and kallah were the hosts. They drove up from jlem just for this and knew 1 person at the party. The kallah was roughly acquanited with some of the other people in the room, but we ended up with 5 males for a nice bbq so we had to call another 5 for dessert. Why bother?

I hope my wife is feeling better tomorrow.

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