Friday, January 14, 2005

shabbos, sanhedrin, basketball and politics

Basketball last night was an absolute killer. I played for 2 1/2 hours straight and by the end couldn't move either leg, had a cramp in my right side and couldn't move my right arm. It was a successful game. I really should start moving more.

This week for shabbos we are having a family from Netanya that doesn't like ti there and want to check out Maalot. It's funny because we checked out Netanya on a pilot trip and the people we visited said they hated it there and were leaving.

This shabbos I am also giving the parshat hashvua shiur to girls grades 1-3. Lets see how my Hebrew holds up.

Into Politics.

When I first read about the new Sanhedrin in the settler newspaper, I was very excited. The question of what would come out of it was the big unknown. The article in todays settler newspaper gave me more hope that good things are on their way. Appointing an Av Beis Din and a Nassi is something that can only be good for the Jews. I was kind of hoping they would reimplement the death penalty, though my chavrussa feels that all people deserving of the death penalty today are n the category of tinok shenishba and are not fully accountable for their actions. I feel that is rubbish and is similar to saying that pagans who sacrificed virgins to appease the gods are also not accountable for their actions.

Was Rav Elyashav hoodwinked by wheelers and dealers as Rav Kook insinuates? I think not., Rav Elyashav has been around the block a time or two and knows his way around town. It seems that the NRP cannot handle any decisions based on Torah as we saw when they ignored Rav Avraham Shapira's ruling to get out. Now that another Torah scholar has ruled to get in, they are opposing that as well. May as well listen to Uncle Yossi Lapid. Make sure you read Susie B's from Clearwater Fl comment on the above story.

However the most shocking story of the week is Glicks' article on the Arab demographic fable. It's amazing that intelligent people, or something, can buy into numbers that were developed by the enemy. Maybe we should send a report detyailing the 6 million soldiers that are lining up on their borders for the invasion next week. See how quickly they turn and run. Or not.

In Good news this week, my company has realized a profit once again this week and there are bonuses and raises. This is a good indication of a healthy economy and we are well on our way back to becoming an economic stronghold and powerhouse.

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