Thursday, January 20, 2005

back to work

So this morning at 6:20 when I got home from davening, I assumed that Golda was feeling better and didn't wake her to find out, just headed on down to work. Which was a good thing because i think she needed the extra couple minutes of sleep.

Everyone at work asked how she was. It was very nice. And I got a lift home which was excellent.

I am currently trying to figure out a good way to integrate paypal with my new website. It seems the best way to do it is through the developer API, but the website is down.


Air Time said...

Whats your new website?

Tell Golda we hope she feels better.

Tell 2R default dating is actually regular dating.

Anonymous said...

Thank G-d for husbands who take good care of their wives and bring them a rose when they are sick. Feeling much better now thanx!!