Sunday, January 16, 2005

tsunami relief??? WTF

After Naomi, Golda, the Galilee and even a quote from Alvin, it takes until Jessica before he can figure it out. From his perspective, WHO THE HELL IS JESSICA??????? All I'm saying is that there are not very many people who can quote alvin like that.

Just a thought, maybe giving billions of dollars in relief money to tsunami victims is like trying to rebuild Sodom and Gemmora? There was no relief fund after the great flood - is that only because there were no people left or because after God wipes out the sinners it is inappropriate to call it an accident of nature and help them become more then they were before. Instead send your money to a place like WITS or Aish Hatorah where they teach Torah which may prevent disasters from occuring in the first place. Soon you'll be able to donate in memory of tsunami on the new website, but that will probably be another month.

Which brings us to this weeks Torah portion. Did Egypt get global relief funds after God spit at them with his 10 plagues? I think not. Which brings us to the question I asked the 1-3 grade girls this week at the parsha class this week... Was Pharaoh an idiot? After getting hit with 7 plagues and Moshe comes in and promises another one, did he think that he would be able to keep the Jews in the end? 2 girls thought yes, he was an idiot. The other 5 were not so sure. It's good to get them to think a little bit.

Naomi told me that she liked the shiur, and that everyone understood it, but my Hebrew is horrible. Nonetheless I should do it again when it is our turn. At least I'm not embarrassing her, or if I am she doesnt know it yet.

To end on a slightly political note... While the government is trying to choke the jewish residents of the strip so that they are more amenable to leaving, what will they do when the residents of sderot, a town not slated for evacuation decide that they have had enough and start moving out? Sounds like its going from bad to worse.

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Air Time said...

Its not my fault. I just didn't put it all together until I saw Jessiaca's name. Even though it is mispelled. We all know her name is Gessica.