Monday, January 24, 2005

raindrops are puring on my head. drip drop.

It's pouring outside. again.
And we thank god. again.

The country needs the rain and apparantly it is considered to be unthankful to request that it rains while we are sleeping. Though to draw a circle around yourself and discuss it rationally with god has been tried and found to be successful in at least one case in history.

I found a fascinating article about the Haraidic left, (which considers itself the hareidic right, just for the record). It brings up the history of the disapproval of Zionism and some of the practical ramifications therein. If you look at Rabbi Ovadia Yosefs decisions regarding the withdrawal, they are all based on political and security concerns. None arfe based on the legality of transferring Israeli soil to a foreign power. For the non-Rav Kook philosophy based anti-disengagement Jews, it gives you something to think about. That being said, not even one of the 71 members of the Sanhedrin could come up with a good reason to be pro disengagement plan. Something to think about on the other side.

Work is going well. I finally put together a model of the database system, something that I should have done from the get go. This model allows me to look at any change made in the system and determine exactly what will be affected by it. This will greatly reduce bugs and other mishaps.

I finally caught the damn virus after everyone else in the family stayed home sick for at least a day. Thursday night after basketball ( I played for 2.5 hours) I could barely move. Friday afternoon I took a short nap (God bless my wife) and Friday night I went to sleep at like 8 and was only woken up a couple of times by the children. Shabbos morning I had a therapeutic prayer session and that was it. No more missed work.

I haven't prosed in a while and I am in the mood so here goes:

When the sun sets on the hills of galilee
It becomes awfully hard to see
As the rain and the hail come swirling by
You're stuck outside nothing to do but sigh
Then a light appears with a very warm glow
You stick out your hand, the truck's going slow.
Trying to get a lift - what they call a tremp
Getting a good one gets you high like hemp.
This time, though the truck doesn't stop
Just runs through a puddle making you sop.

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