Monday, February 06, 2006

amona, dominica and onwards

Two sides get together to have a fight. Both sides planned on fighting, except according to my neighbor who insists that they picked up random stones that were hanging around the shomron. If the government had really just wanted the buildings down they could have waited 3 weeks after giving the notice and nobody would have been there any more. There are ways to do things without being violent.

Olmert said there is no need for an enquiry on police violence because the police did what they were supposed to. The orders were to beat up everyone there. They did it. There is no reason for a commission of enquiry to find this out.

To say they were surprised to have rocks thrown at them is ridiculous. You don't go into a place with horses and riot gear when you are expecting peaceful demonstrators.

The kids think they are the modern day Maccabees, saving Israel from the vicious government. The government needs to save face because they aren't stopping the rockets coming across the border. Put those 2 things together and you obviously have an altercation.

The police had to be nice to the people at the anti police-brutality rally last night, so they went out and beat up the wife of the ambassador from the Domincan Republic. No, she wasn't protesting anything. She was by her house tending her garden and the police decided she had an illegal maid and beat the crap out of her.

If that isn't bad enough, Olmert (the jerk) decided to transfer tax money to Hamastan because officially they aren't in office yet. I just told my mom on Friday that it wasn't like he was going to do it on Sunday, it was just propaganda. But no, their utter stupidity cannot be hidden for even one minute. In the same breath that he says the police brutality was the settlers fault, he then gives money to the arabs to see if they can oneup the policemen, but in central tel aviv.

The game here seems to be how many Israeli citizens can get hurt because of the Israeli government.

Yesterday I was sitting outsidea shwarma house in Haifa looking at the traffic and it occurred to me why Kadima has a chance to win in the upcoming elections.

Israelis are dumb. This was made extremely clear to me after I saw that 4 different ambulances with their lights and sirens going were cut off by incompetant drivers. One ambulance had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting someone who watched the ambulance coming towards him and then decided to walk across the street when the light turned green. A driver decided he could probably make the left turn just before the ambulance got there. I watched it from the side thinking, "there is no intelligent life here."


traintalk said...

A while ago you had several posts revolving around pawns and controllers. Have you considered that the controllers are really intelligences from other worlds? For instance, when mashiach comes the game is over so it makes sense that kadima is controlled by potential beneficiaries of an Israel that gambles everything away and then lies to itself. Once Israel does it, then by nature of the domino effect, Islam will turn to roulette at the Caesar Osama Palace. If this isn't the master strategy then nothing makes sense at all.

rockofgalilee said...

So Kadima is the anti-Christ?
Jerry Falwell once described the anti-christ including his age and what he looked like.
A lot of people thought he was referring to me.