Sunday, February 19, 2006

freedom of choice

If anyone is wondering what kind of food to bring to a funeral, I just read that while smiley face cookies would be in bad taste, Better then Sex cake is definitely the way to go. (Recipes are at the site)

"people should not be punished for exercising their democratic choice" - Makhmood Abbas

WTF kind of ridiculous statement is that.
I would agree that people should not be punished when a dictator determines foreign policy and anyone who disagrees with him gets a couple weeks in the local gulag and then shot in the head. However, if people vote for a group that says that they are planning on being very violent then they are directly responsible. They were not duped. It is not like the Israeli public who voted for Sharon who said before the elections that he was against disengagement (Amram Mitzna's platform) and then turned his back on the people who voted for him. These are people who said, Hamas please attack Israeli. Kill as many of them as you possibly can. More then half of the population apparantly would like to see more violence against Israel. Their actions in the ballot box speak louder then any words possibly could. This voting speaks louder then palestinian citizens dancing on international television when they heard about the twin towers going up in smoke.

The civilized world should stand up now and say, maybe they do not want peace. Maybe they are bad people. Maybe the only answer is to wipe out that cancer from the world. Rehabilitation doesn't always work, especially when the entire society is corrupt.

Take an example from God and what he did to Sodom.

People are held accountable for their choices, and voting is exercising your right to be held accountable for the poeple you vote for.


Robyn said...

That would entail the western world understanding that democracy is not an end in itself and that the eastern portions of our planet are not always the same as the western. I don't see that happening any time soon. Our neighbors seem to agree and are much better at putting spins on things.

Anonymous said...

It is well documeted that those pictures of the palestions dancing and cheering were from another incident two years before the twin towers.