Wednesday, February 01, 2006

good friends - not so good???

Have you ever heard the expression - "I have 3 friends I can turn to in any situation: Jim, Jack and Johnny"? According to a Ynet article, those friends may have betrayed you.

Landau Kosher, a controversial kashrus organization based Bnei Brak, has published an article stating that whiskey is not kosher.

Rabbi of Brooklyn, NY, one of the commentors on the article, said that there is no problem with bourbon in any case. it is only a problem with scotch.

My little brother once asked a rabbi a question about using baby wipes on Pesach. The rabbi went out of his way to answer a different question and told him he couldn't use them on shabbos. All I'm saying is that sometimes rabbi's answer questions that nobody asked.

However, the question of whiskey being kosher is a real one. An Israeli friend once asked me how I knew that whiskey was kosher if there was no symbol on it. I explained that it is mesora. All Americans know that straight whiskey is kosher. It's something we learned in yeshiva without asking a single rabbi. The vybish (woman's drink, also known as liqueur) you have to be careful of, but not the real stuff.

Fobidding crown royal, for example, would be akin to saying chulent can't be eaten Friday night.
מנהג ישראל כדין הוא

Of course, it may be much ado about nothing. I would compromise and agree to ban scotch if they promise not to mess with bourbon for a good 20 years.

While you are up finishing your supply just in case the psak goes against rational thinking, listen in to Sometimes you just need a drink.


Just Shu said...

That would be a shame if they stop saying scotch is kosher

ליפא שנילצער said...

somebody once told how to figure if something is kosher or not. eat/drink it if it really tastes good then it can't be kosher.