Tuesday, February 14, 2006

therapy of a long walk

Sometimes you just need to get out. Today was one of those days, when I just didn't think I could handle sitting at my desk any longer. So, when my Tuesday afternoon shwarma group decided not to go for schwarma today, I went anyways. I decided to walk instead of hoping on a sherut or bus, so I could get some fresh air. Walking through Technion campus till Neve Sha'anan. Then going to the bank machine and having my American ATM card eaten.
The schwarma was good (My company has an account there, so I got to sign for it).
An enjoyable walk back.
Then I decided that the answer is to actually go open source on the software that I have written and earn some money by providing service contracts. It was originally written in ASP.Net with C# and an MSSQL backend and a C# .Net portable client system, because I needed some experience in that, but now I am planning on rewriting it in python with a postgresql backend and I haven't decided on the front end for the portable client, but I'm prtetty sure it won't be .NET. I may just use an Access front end and distribute the Access Runtime library, because I use that at work and it is easy to play with. Or I may try to play with WxWidgets to see how that interacts with a database because we're planning on redoing our front end at work and it would give me good experience. In any case, the more open source, the better.
My goal is to have it ready for a first release for general practitioners in 3-4 months.

I'm also working on some disruptive technologies for the Israeli train system, that my traintalk buddy dreamed up. I'm very excited about the potentials of that because if it can be done for free, which is how we are trying to do it, then it opens up a world of possibilities.

My head is clear now and I can put in the rest of a day at work.
As they say: Sababa.


docyaak said...

huh? i guess i hope the shwarma was good

rockofgalilee said...

sometimes techheads feel the need to communicate their world with the rest of the world.
Is is liberating.
and yes, the schwarma was good.