Tuesday, February 15, 2005

blogged comments

In todays episode I decided to post the comments I made to other blogs.

First of all Happy Valentines Day:
Jack doesn't like valentines day. I told him:
Sounds like you don't have anybody to valentine to. If you did and didn;t get her stuff, she'd just be pissed at you. they have all bought in to "give a chick a present day"

Still Rule All came out kind of on the fence in regards to the treatment of palestinians and the disengagement process. Here is my response:

According to Mark Twain in 1867 when he visited the holy land there were very few arabs here, so these people have not been living here prosperoiusly for centuries.
Also there has been a lot of talk about how the arab demographic was going to be the majority in the next 5 years. OOPS. New reports have shown that the numbers in those demographic studies were completely inaccurate. Sounds like history revisionism on one side or the other.
Can you believe one side over the other? Definitely Not.
But if everyone is lying it is better to help your team lie better and win the war and not to collaborate to help the other team lie better and win the war.
because if the other team wins they will kill you. and if your team wins you have a chance to become rich.
to hell with truth and justice because there is no such thing. its all a matter of which lying scum win, and even if your team may be scummier at the moment, the other team would be scummier if they had the opportunity.

AirTimeDaily came out against rabbis. Here is my response.

I think that rabbis are getting a bad rap here. Most rabbis are not jerks. Of course some rabbis are. But there are also some black and hispanic people who mug everyone they see. Does that mean you cross the street everytime you see a black person on the same side of the street? There is a time to cross the street and a time to call a rabi a jerk. But i would say most of the time it would be good to stay on your side of the street and be respectful of the rabbi.

TwoAres went to leftists in ranana after meeting rightists in hebron.
Here's what I have to say about that:
Its good to talk to people with various opinions. Without hearing other people sound like fools you wouldn't know how right you really were.

Treading-fences listened to Breslav radio today. I thought that was funny and commented :
On Radio Breslav do they stutter like they do when they call out the name of the holy rav na nac nach nach nachman mayoomun?
imagine songs that sounded like that.

ShuannAT which is actually just shu were trying to figure out how to travel when they both have different people to see:

the nice thing about tel aviv is it is near ramat gan and there is an all you can eat steak house for 100 shek.You should tell Nat that it is fine with you if her and the baby want to go somewhere else and you will see her Saturday night. That's how we always did it in those situations.


JPB said...

I don't support the holiday. If you need a "give a chick a present" day, more power to you. True romantics don't need predetermined holidays to show their loved ones how much they care for them and appreciate them. Also, snide comments like yours just show exactly why certain people need such a day. My 'valentine' gets a holiday every weekend we can escape together. Enjoy dispensing pre-packaged, overpriced roses and chocolates that bring with them about as much thought and romance as a mass-produced Hallmark card - and enjoy the kind of woman who would settle for these as romance.

2R said...

"snide comments" whoa, slave has somethings he needs to work out with his weekly valentiner...