Monday, February 28, 2005


I wrote blah. Once. That was it.
It wasn't as if I had nothing to say and that's why I wrote blah.
There was a lot put into that blah.

In any case I haven't written since that day, not because of any sense of continuing blahness, but rather because I have not sat down at my computer for more then 5 minutes since that fateful day.

While it is true that i work all day at a computer, my desk faces the wall and my office walls are glass so everyone can see what my computer is doing as they walk by. One of the very few negative comments I received at my year end meeting was that people walk by my office and see obviously nonwork related websites (no, the porn was from a different blogger. I look at news.) To make the long story short, I no longer can blog from the office.

In other news - this week is the siyum hashas. While I am not completing shas with the group this time, I am already about 6 months and about 5 mesechtas into it and I hope to finish with everyone at the end of the coming cycle in 7+ years. I am going to the big event in Jerusalem. no kids with me this time. They are not allowing any children under the age of 10 and then the girls have to be in the seperate "nashim tzidkaiyos" room. It is shaped like a kitchen and will have a close circuit tv so the women can watch the event and feel at home. If they feel the need to bake during the ceremony there will be cookie ingredients at every woman's seat. At least that's how my wife feels they are going about it. I don't know what will really be there, though the closed circuit tv part id true.

Corey and Reesa are planning on the foxtrot for the big event in a couple weeks. I called the rabbi and told him the chosson and kallah were hoping that him and the rebbetzin would join them in the first dance. He turned down the request. The only thing I know about foxtrot is that it is a comic about two "geeky" kids. I suppose it will be interesting watching Corey and Reesa act that out on the night of their wedding, though I miss the significance. I would prefer if they did the Dilbert, though I can't imagine how that would work out either.

Work is treating me pretty well these days, though very busy. I am implementing a new linux mail server next week and I have to finish with all the database enhancements before that.

In politics this weekend Tel Aviv blew up. Since when is a 4 people getting killed called politics? Hey that's israel for you.

Have a good night.

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2R said...

I'm glad that you've been unblah'ed and I'm sorry to hear about your unfortionate glass computer nonwork related news sites. The nonpolitical Tev Aviv death toll is up to 5. It is political only because both sides, (who am I kidding, this is not a two sided story - more like an octogonal or more story) ok, all sides...use these deaths politically. The planners of the killing use it politically to prove that they can and will terrorize, the killer's family uses it politically to show the world how horrible the Israeli's are for destroying their family's home (although Israel stopped doing that last week) The israeli left uses it to show how we must give more to stop this terror and make peace on and forall, the right uses it politically to show that it can never be stopped no matter how close to "peace" the left thinks they are, the fence builders use it to show the importance of the fence, the anti-fence people use it to explain the terrorist did not even come through where the fence was supposed to protect...the only people who are not using this death politically are the nonpoliticians...