Thursday, February 03, 2005

one week

I remember when a week could go by and I would have nothing of substance to write about. Actually, now that I think about it, I cannot remember anytime in my life when I did not have something interesting to write about. Except when I had started my other blog after we made aliyah and i thought everything would be hitting the fan and I would have toins to write about and then nothing happened.

It was like the waiting place.

This weeks has been absolutely cracked. Everyone was sick. golda is still sick. 2 weeks later. No I didn't stay home from work again. How much time off do you think a mom can get?
I got a little sick and I had a shul board meeting. I made it down to Jlem for the big rally. The exciting point was the steak sandwich and burger. But what really impressed me about the whole rally was that my brother remembered to bring water for me to wash because he knew there would be no place for me to do it and I wasn't about to piss on my hands.

I did make out with a couple of funky things from the jlem trip. Orage israel flags. like gush katif is almost blood. or something. an orange sweatshirt for golda. some bumper stickers that didn't make it into the bumper sticker song. etc..

I also met another American who lives in maalot. well he lives across the street. but its still maalot. he's also a vegetarian. but we'll probably invite them over for shabbos. even though he's a vegetarian. golda knows how to mnake stuff that those kind of people will eat.

How far can hatred go? Jesse Helms is holding his own as he takes the high road and demands that ethically challenged FP clinton does not become head of UN.

Lets talk about Zvi Hendel for a minute. Mr. Gush Katif. or has been. Gets everyone to boycott the businesses of poor gazans who have been bombed for the past couple of years just because they want to leave. What's mr. Knesset member doing now?????? Let's see how fast he gets on the boat to ashkelon.

Work is going well. I had my yearly meeting. got a raise. got a bunus. got stock options. requested a car. they're going to think about it. I'm not very positive about it, but gos is good to me, so we'll see how this plays out. Of course if I get a car that hampers my daily daf. and my morning discussion. Yesterday I successfully argued, well I don't know if he agreed with me in the end, that not committing genocide was at times immoral.

So much to write about and so little time. I'm going to end it off here with the traditional prose.

Noses stuffed and throats a-itching
hockeys on strike and no ones pitching
threatening to take gush katif away
Still more places for the fringe to play
Ashkelon could be a nice beach town
as they negotiate with a big fake frown
Things are by the way going well
I didnt mention the stock market swell

The place to be is in the Galilee
It's Sababa - relax and be free

have a good night.

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Air Time said...

Piss on your hands? What's that about. And we now the famous Gessica can cook vegetarian. It's not like you were so against vegetarianism a few years ago.