Friday, February 04, 2005


What the hell are pogs? I didn't understand them when they came out 11 years ago and I don't understand them today. SO these kids at shuld have them in their hands and then slap hands and the pogs fall on the ground. then they both smile and pick them up. Not My Sport.

Its raining in the galilee and they keep predicting snow. I'm thinking its not going to happen. But just in case I'm prepared for a crazy ski trek from Maalot down to Nahariya. If I do it, highway 89 will forevermore be known as Galilee Run.

My boss made a comment thatif something goes wrong on shabbat then he is stuck because he can't get any support. Before I could say anything he said, I know I shouldn't be working on shabbat. My wife keeps telling me that. I don't think he gets it.

Today I got pissed off at the entire Yesha Council. I think they're a bunch of raving hypocritical lunatics who censure people for doing the exact same thing that they are doing. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any problem with people saying, we've been hit enough its time to get out. or for saying just in case, we need to find a place to go. But don't call people who do it traitors and then go and do it yourself.

Did anybody else notice that QBert is now on Yahoo Games. How freaking awesome is that. It's better to play with a joystick or mouse, because the keys suck and you keep jumping off the side. that's the royal you, because i don't actually know if you have ever played it personally.

It's dinner time now, so i will not write anything else.
Except for It's basketball night also. So I'm going to play.


Air Time said...

I saw Qbert on yahoo games and wasnt so interested.

SHEV said...

what the heck is Qbert?