Monday, February 07, 2005

talk about the hail

Rain is good for the Galileean homefront, but it hasn't stopped in a week. Forget about the rain, we're getting pelted with huge hail balls. No Snow. Not yet, at least.

We had 4 girls from Jerusalem for shabbos this week. I told them if they come up early enough I would send them on a hike, but it was raining, so I told them to stay in tel aviv for the morning and come up later, but they didn't. So they spent 2 hours walking around the Nahariya mall.

They were interesting girls. One of them said she enjoyed it here, so I asked her what part she enjoys. After nixing school and roomates and friends and food, she came up with that she enjoys going for walks by herself.

One of the other girls enjoys 1 class, except that there are other students in it. she didn't like that so much. But she streetfights to release tension so the other girls in the class don't bother her too much.

Ok. I gave up talking to them.

still no snow.

Tonight I'm going to pick up my surrogate parents at the train station because all of their real children are busy. and I have a bigger car. Hopefully they're bringing lots of stuff for us. Like donuts. or chicken. or we'll get written into the will. We'll see.

Its superbowl sunday and i don't give a damn.
How's that for freedom.


Air Time said...

Not caring isn't freedom. It is just apathy.

DAG said...

Walking the mall is hiking for mots people now adays