Monday, February 14, 2005

A walk in the galilee

This is going to be hard to believe, but I just found out someone I know looks at porn. I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from not surprise! :-O

Today I went for a walk in the galilee. It didn't start out like that. It started out with a simple tremp to the bottom of the hill. It turned into an, I'm going near acco anyways, why don't you come with me the whole and then it ended with a "Hey, I know this tzomet, why don't I just tremp home.

Well the cars driving by looked more like the kind of car i wouldn't get into anyways, so I called my wife. But she didn't answer. So I tried temping more and nobody stopped. There were even some jews driving by who didn't stop. I'm sure they were all on their way to have a baby or something and that's why they didn't stop. So I decided to walk. I mean how far could it possibly be. So I finally got ahold of Golda and told her that I was going to walk and if she could drive down and pick me up in the middle I would appreciate it.

Not even a single rock was thrown at me as I trudged through the promised land. I could feel the soil talking to me ever step I took. I was the Patriarchs, Joshua, King David (Not moses - he never made it in). I would have taken a camel but the gemara says that camel riders are all sinners and will burn in hell.

I made it from tzomet somekh passed tzomet evlayim before golda finally got there. I couldn't have walked that far because the country is run in kilometers. Just imagine how far I would have walked in the States. And she had pizza waiting for me in the car. Talk about a loving wife.

Well in other news, my brother-in-law got engaged. I can't say that I expected it, but I am very excited for the good news. This is the 2nd time that I didn't think an engagement was going to happen, but at least this time I didn't bet against it. I can't afford 7 more steak dinners. Just to clarify one more time, because some people just don't get it - when you bet on something it has nothing to do with what you want, it's what you think will happen. For example, betting on the Lions is dumb, no matter how much you want them to go to the Super Bowl.

We had an interesting family over for shabbos this weekend. The Netanya people came and Thrusday night yoda was up all night crying. then 2 kids came home sick from gan. so for shabbos they stayed at the neighbors. they are a very nice family, they have kids the same age as ours so we are happy that they are going to make their home in maalot. another person to talk english to in shul.


2R said...

Sometimes if you think your team'll lose you won't bet rather then to bet against them....but that's just sometimes...

Air Time said...

Never bet on your home team, win or lose. you have too much of an emotional investment.

Also, that person USED to look at porn, before the kotel came streaming into his house online.

stillruleall said...

You bet against your brother getting engaged, its not quite the same as betting for the Lions