Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I had a flashback today of rollerblading in NYC about 8 years ago when I spent the summer there. I went from the lower east side to YU in Washington Heights, and it was a great day. No cares or responsibilities, not having to be anywhere or do anything.
It was a long taxi ride home.

Today on the way to work we were discussing repentence, as we usually do and Mark commented that he doesn't believe people when they say they don't believe in God. My obvious response was that I don't believe people when they say they believe in God.

I think there is a little circle in the middle there, encompassing those that say that they believe but really don't and those that say that don't believe but really do. It's like those old math problems where you have two circles of nonconnected items and then the circle that is a unionized subset of the two of them.

I still haven't photcopyed the time chart for the shul. That is one of my responsibilities of being oin the board. I put together the schedule, meet with the rabbi for approval and then I photocopy it. I was supposed to have it done by last week but nobody was in the photocopy office when I went to copy it. so now i'm just going to wait until next week.

i'm tired and cold. I'm pretty much done with winter.

I was planning on having a vegetarian meal this shabbos and inviting 2 vege families at the same time. That way we wouldn't have to have 2 shabbosim without meat. But then another family from netanya called to see if they could come visit this shabbos becauyse they are thinking of moving to maalot. so the vegetarian shabbos was pushed off to another week.

Which leads me to the whole idea of compromise. Seriously. If you went to a PETA convention because someone you loved asked you to, and you were a big meat eating person. You might feel that you have sacrificed a lot even going to the meeting because these people are against everything that you enjoy eating. (except for a pizza here and there). You could not expect them to compromise and say, well since you came to the meeting we'll kill just one cow, or let you roast a hamburger on your own grill in the middle of the convention center.
You went to the convention out of your own free will. now deal with it.

Vihamaven yavin.

And last but not least. I would say there is apathy and there is freedom. If you don't watch the Super Bowl because you have never cared about football, that is apathy. If you don't watch the game because you have removed its viselike grip from your existence and are not held prisoner to its demanding schedule and wardrobe malfunctioning - that is freedom.


Robyn said...

what makes you think PETA would not opose pizza? how would you know that the milk going into the cheese was obtained ethically with full consideration given to bovine rights? can you ever really know that Bessie was ok with having her milk stollen? really we should all just eat nuts and berries and have cows over for dinner as our friends and neighbors.

Air Time said...

First their is vegetarian Shabbos and then there is Pita talk. Tell that family in Netanya that wants to move to Maalot that there is something very dangerous in the water.