Thursday, August 04, 2005

ATM for singles???

I just want to know what ynet was thinking when they posted
Today's Singles article
. Ok, we all know that women are crazy. That is not the issue here, however "She pulled a Bonnie and Clyde on rituals that protect her, and like a horny prisoner just released from prison, she rudely shoved the ATM card into slot" seems to be a little too much.

I've been in Israel for 2 years and I have never lost a card in the ATM machine. I don't pray before I put in my card. I don't gently feel up the machine first (what nice buttons you have), there's no tongue involved or anything and I have certainly never felt like putting my card in the machine was going to do it either for me or for the machine. In fact I think it generally works the other way. The one putting it in is the one who pays, not the other way around.

In any case, if you are single and happen to meet Karin Arad, the author, it shouldn't be that difficult to get some serious play from her. Just be nice and make sure you don't shove it rudely into the slot.


Veev said...

I am speechless....

DAG said...

How does she view slot machines?

Heidi said...

on a mostly unrelated note: I lost my ATM card in Israel once. They did not want to give it back either.