Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The day after

While I am very much against the disengagement plan, I think we have to be practical about it, and discuss what to do if they actually succeed in judenraating the gaza.

There are tons of plans for preventing the expulsion. Block up the country on expulsion day, because there are no police there to do anything about it. (won't make a difference)
Everyone go down to gaza and take an active part in civil disobedience (may work, but they're expecting it)
Fight with the police and army (Bad idea from all perspectives)
and so on.

One of the anti-expulsion propaganda reasons is "don't allow them to make people homeless, taking away all their hardwork and their livelihood" I thought about this and thought, what happens if that actually happens? If they get disengaged, is that the last we hear about them? It better not be.

We need to start planning for their reemergence. These are the Israeli heros who have spent the last couple decades on the border, facing conflict both from within and without in order to protect us and to protect our land. I would hate to see these people become refugees, as happened to the arabs who ran away and pledged Israel's destruction in both 1948 and 1967.

We need to make sure that these people are integrated into new communities, that there are job opportunities available for them. We can't rely on the government to help them. The government is the ones who are doing this to them. We need to find venture capitalists who are interested in helping out. We need to help them start businesses, in their fields and give them back the pride that is being taken away. We need to have support available 24 hours a day, so they will always have a shoulder to cry on. Government specialists be damned. We need people wearing orange shirts saying "we love you guys and appreciate what you did and who you are." We need training seminars for those who want to switch industries, money available for the entrepreneurs and food and warm shelter available for those who just aren't going to make it.

Instead of disappointment, which will be there, we need to have a heros welcome for these pioneers who are now going to be integrating back into society. There should be a banquet where they are recognized for their acheivments.

And it should all be done by people wearing orange shirts, not posturing government politicians who were part of this disgraceful eviction. And no. bibi should not even be allowed in the door.


Air Time said...

Are you actually writing well thought out posts these days? See what happens when I miss a few weeks.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Less emotion and you make more sense.

Have an easy fast.

rockofgalilee said...

i add in the emotion on purpose. I am not in the mood for writing seemingly unbiased editorials which are slanted towards my bias in any case as all writings are, I want to write with my biases and emotional energy tied in.

DAG said...

Dag's solution...all of Gaza should leave themselves ....ON TISHA BAV!!!!!!!


see 2 letters from idf in regards to dag's plan