Thursday, August 25, 2005

the lighter side

Posting about Disengagement issues is fun because it makes me think and put into words how I feel about the issue. But there is another side enjoyable side to posting, a blog was originally a weblog of things found on the interesting with the bloggers comments on them.

On today's ynet page they speak about a tradition among the local students to have sex on Ben Gurion's grave. They interviewed someone who said while he, personally, has never had sex on Ben Gurion's grave, his close friend had.
"One friend told me all about it," he said. "He called his girlfriend and asked her to come with him that night to the graves. Two hours later, he came back and told me what they'd done."
Can you imagine that. A guy decides it is time so he calls his girlfriend, who is probably not ready for this yet. They get over to the graves and just start talking, maybe having a beer or two (that's what southerners everywhere do in graveyards) and suddenly she was like, Oh my god. is this ben gurion? and his wife? I need some now.

Somehow I just don't see it.

Ben Gurion's grandson thought it was great, and suggested that his grandfather would approve.


Rolling hills of green said...

sometimes people choose anything in order to get comments again

rockofgalilee said...

we're not talking a side article here. This was number two on the page.

Just Shu said...

Ihad no idea this was an Israelli custom. I wonder if people in America like to have sex on Washington or Lincolns graves

DAG said...

This was a big deal, some old dude in Il had his gravesite prepurchased, a few feet from Lincoln's burial he used to sit on the site and play his guitar...he told them they couldnt tell him not to, as it was HIS property