Monday, August 08, 2005

to be or not bibi

What does netanyahu think people are going to do with his resignation on the eve of the disengagement? In the next elections they may look at him as a hero who could not stomach the thought of giving land to terrorists for no reason at all other then they want it. They may vote him in as leader of the Likud and he may become the next prime minister.

Have y'all stopped laughing yet?

Netanyahu voted yes for disengagement.
Netanyahu gave away Hebron
Netanyahu signed the Wye accord.
In all probability, if Netanyahu became prime minister tomorrow he would lead the disengagement and say he had no choice. spineless coward.
All thinking individuals know that he quit now, when it wouldn't make a difference to anyone in the world just to give himself a rightist spin. He could have stopped the disengagment a couple months ago, when it would have really made a difference. He could have denied funding for the disengagement in the budget and gotten fired for being principled, but the low-life spineless coward Benjamin Natanyahu waited until it made no difference whatsoever and then quit.

What a jerk.

Even if his 4 Likud buddy ministers resigned with him, it wouldn't make any difference at all. At this stage, unless the prime minister stops and calls for new elections right now, he has the implicit support of meretz and the arab parties, probably Shinui as well. I would love to see Sharon relying on the support of the arabs to pass the disengagement bill. I don't know what would prevent him from just shooting himself at that point.


DAG said...

As much as I am againts this disengagemnt, keep it PEACEFUL

Cosmic X said...

You hit it on the nose!

rockofgalilee said...

I believe that I am keeping it peaceful. I haven't called for any violence from either side, with the possible exception of anticipating a prime ministerial suicide.
I imagine he will wait until he is finished being prime minister and then he will see that he didn't get aything from the US that he imagines he was promised. He has no friends left. He gets dressed in full uniform (except he has to go to the army navy surplus store because he is too fat to fit into his olduniform), writes a note and shoots himself in the head.

I am not hoping that this will happen. I think it would be a tragedy. But I am predicting it will happen.