Monday, August 22, 2005

a day in the fields

I now look like a redneck, having been out in the field working in the sun all day, my neck is about as red as it can get. Talk about an physically exhausting day.

We didn't build greenhouses like we were supposed to. We got to the Mavrichim mishtala area ,right outside of Nitzanim, at around 11 and were split into 3 groups. I was part of the heavy physical labor group (along with Rav Boaz Cohen, who said if I write his name in my blog he would find it). We carried iron tables to put plants on, once they are built, and iron gates for some other purpose. I realized what lousy shape I am in, and after a little more then an hour couldn't walk another step. After that we decided to move on to less strenuous work and carried trees from a truck to their place in the mishtala. It was still strenuous, just there were no iron bars digging into your hands as you tried to walk on sand.
After about an hour we emptied two truckloads of trees and I went back to carrying the iron fences for another 45 minutes or so. After that I decided to take a break for a little bit and instead of very physical labor, I got a pair of scissors and trimmed plants for 2 hours. At least that was partially in the shade.
We left at around 5, after being there for a good solid 6 hours. I was a little bit dehydrated, though I had been drinking on a regular basis - apparantly just not enough.

This place was taken down from Jewish Gaza before the eviction and that it why it was ready to go. The owners planned this in advance, having accepted the reality of what was happening, even though they were unhappy about it.

I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish:
1) Not to just complain about the problem, but be part of the solution
2) I taught my children how to behave by my actions
3) I helped the former people of Gush Katif, who I felt needed to be helped.

It was definitely worth the vacation day that I took, I feel like I did my civic duty.


DAG said...

You taught your kids to be out of shape?

2R said...

I tried to get water to you...
Next time try and make yourself more reachable.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

This kind of redneck is a blessing.

Being part of the solution was indeed a wonderful gift from your heart.