Sunday, August 07, 2005

shfaram shoot up

Does the shooting up of a village of potential terrorists deserve to make the news? Did Shimon Peres have anything to do with it? Should potential terrorists receive aid when a Jewish man given a gun by the Israeli army shoots them or their families? Should Israel check into the resulting lynch that occurred after the man was already handcuffed?

I feel that the answer to all of these questions is yes. Potential terrorist is a term used for all those people who believe in the way of the terrorist but have not yet acted on their impulses. We see from the Torah example of Yishmael, the grandfather of terrorists, that people are only punished after they have actualized the evil potential that lives within them. Even though God knew about the future Kasams, Ketushas, suicide belts, explosive cars and more, he still gave Yishmael water to drink, because he judged him only based on his current life. That being said, the people in Shfaram were still innocent at the moment.

But what did Shimon Peres have to do with it, if anything? We know from the Rabin story, that he will do anything to get power, and if he can blame it on the right wing at the same time - all the better. Has anyone ever looked into exactly how much money he made off of Rabin's death? Or how he fits into all the conspiracy theories? In any case if you think about it, you will realize very quickly that Peres has the most to gain out of this type of shooting. Money from Europe will come pouring into the Peres center for peace. He will get a ton of publicity as the primary peace monger in Israel. The publicity will help his bid for the Labor leadership which he is campaigning for right now. How did he do it? His shabak people ignored the guy's family when they warned them about a posibility like this occuring.

The state obviously shares responsibility for the act of killing potential terrorists because they were killed with the state's weapons by someone on the payroll of the state. The state also drove the person to feel the need to do this with their illicit disengagment. To drive someone to the brink and allow them to keep their weapon is irresponsible. I see it as no different then if he got mad at non-potential terrorists and shot them. Therefore the state is responsible to give aid to the families of those killed. I feel it should come out of Shimon Peres' salary, or the family should receive shares in the casino that is being built in Gush Katif by the Israeli's who are pushing the disengagement. That way at least the family would profit from the disengagment which brought them so much sorrow.

The question of investigating the lynching is also a no-brainer. I can understand the people their being upset. I would also be upset if someone took a gun and shot up my neighborhood. Once the person is arrested, especially after being handcuffed, the vigilance is done. There is no call to lynch the person and I feel the community should be censured for that and those responsible brought to justice. There are Israelis sitting in jail right now for the same type of behavior. After apprehending a terrorist, they beat, shot or otherwise harmed him. This is understandable behavior, they got a guy who tried to kill them, probably not the first time. May have been directly responsible for killing friends or loved ones. So the beat the crap out of him. Israel, as a law-abiding country says that is unacceptable and throws them in jail for a long time. The same standards have to apply to the potential terrorists as well. We cannot afford to dehumanize them and say, what do you expect from potential terrorists. They were angry and if a potential terrorist is angry that it is ok for him to behave in a manner unbefitting the human race. We must find those responsible for this evil lynching and tell them that they were wrong, that they are human and that they must sit in jail for a very long time.


2R said...

Wow. You're writing this aware that not many Shfaram residents have been terrorists in the past? Knowing that it was a druze community he shot up? I think his goal was to kill potential terrorists, maybe throw the country into a bit of a frenzy, probably to go down screaming to feel the physical pain in place of the emotional intenseness...that is if he had a goal at all. It could be that he just needed to get out and shoot something.

rockofgalilee said...

He shot up an integrated mixed community, not a Druze community., The 4 people who were killed were wo Muslim girls and 2 christian men. No druzies got killed.

Also, I came out against the killing. Maybe you missed the content.

DAG said...

"The state also drove the person to feel the need to do this with their illicit disengagment"

Abuse excuse?

And there have been no chirstian pali terrorists..this kid was a nutjob and set the orange movement back.

rockofgalilee said...

I think it was planned by the shabak who will do anything to set the orange movement back.

To see what Palestinain Christians feel about suicide bombers read this article

DAG said...

They convinced a kid to kill himself??????????

rockofgalilee said...

dag, you apparantly don't know the shabak very well.

Remember Rabin. The shabak had someone (avishai raviv) convince his buddy (yigal amir) to shoot the prime minister. Then Amir's girlfriend went to jail for not preventing the attack and the shabak agent never goes on trial.

It was in all the papers that the shabak knew this guy was planning something. The guy's parents told them, but they still let him walk around with his gun, they let him get on an arab bus and they let him shoot potential terrorists. Then they let the blood thirsty mob lynch him.

DAG said...

Sounds a bit too conspiratorial

rockofgalilee said...

if you believe that then you don't really know the shabak.
Conspiracy is what they are.