Wednesday, August 31, 2005

one problem with disengagement

I was on a high, writing every day about something that interested me, that fueled my passion for writing. Disengagement was a battle that could be fought against by bloggers. Helping people mold their opinions. I probably should have come out for it because I have heard from a couple of readers that they read my opinions and immediately decide the other way.
Now the disengagement is over, at least the first stage, and I am finding it hard to get excited about more mundane topics. Sure, there is more disengagement to write about, the lives that have been broken, the success stories, the corruption, the lost innocence... But this is not a disengagement blog. This blog likes to cover current topics of all sorts and the disengagement is not current anymore - it is so last week. Like get out of Tel Aviv and start your life, for crying out loud. In my opinion they should move to Tel Aviv and start a nice outreach group. After a couple weeks the Tel Avivians will be demanding that we take Gaza back and send these settlers away.

But until that happens, I am going to have to come up with fresh topics that I find interesting. It is just hard to do after a rush of disengagement adrenaline. As with all adrenalines there is a down period until the next spurt. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with some new exciting topics over the next couple weeks.


docyaak said...

yoou can start talking about new orleans. and how moronic can someone be NOT to leave when there is a class 5 hurricane knocking on your door!

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