Tuesday, January 09, 2007

40 hours in western galilee hospital

On Shabbos afternoon, my 3 year old jumped onto the arm of the couch, grabbed my kippa and yelled "Daddy, I got your kippa." He then tried getting off the couch and slipped on something on the couch, flipped backwards and landed on his head. He seemed fine, so I yelled at him because I have told him numerous times not to climb on the arm of the couch. His mother gave him hugs.
When I returned from shul after shabbos, my wife wanted me to look at him because he was acting very tired and kvetchy. I looked at him and his pupils seemed a bit dilated. I checked all the other kids and compared their pupil sizes with his and in fact they were larger. So we called his doctor and went to her house for her to check him. She suggested that we go to the hospital to have it checked out because he was having the classic symptoms of cuncussion (brain movement in hebrew) and they would want to do a CT scan to see if he was bleeding.
I went to the hospital with the neighborly nurse (her dad is a head of dept there and she knows the people so we were hoping for some good proteczia). We went straight in and within an hour, he had vomitted once so they decided to keep us. They were going to wait to see if he threw up anymore before doing a CT scan. No reason to radiate the kid if he doesn't barf at least twice. So we slept there. We had a nice room with two other children. One of them spoke no Hebrew at all and the other did as a second language. The ones who spoke Hebrew were friendly, I couldn't tell you if the other ones were or not.
At about 9:30 PM he must have started to feel better because he started horsing around and jumping all over, just like normal. He finally fell asleep at 11:30 PM. I was pretty sure that the next morning we would be released. The doctors made their rounds at around 9 AM. At 8:30 he threw up. So they said that we would have to wait for the next rounds at 3:00 PM to see if we could go home. At 2:30 PM he had a high fever and they suggested that we stay another day. So we stayed another day. The doctors at 9 said we could go home, but they didn't process us until 11, which is when we went home. I hadn't really slept in 2 days, so I got home and went to sleep for 4 hours.

Of course you can't leave the hospital empty handed, so my son came home with a lion shaped helium balloon and I came home with a bad cold.


Anonymous said...

so they never did a CT scan?

Im glad everyone is home... I did a similar couch maneuver when I was his age, but I just broke my arm.

docyaak said...

you dont have to do everything we do!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Poor little guy!