Wednesday, January 31, 2007

got the car

My end of year meeting went remarkably well. They list both positives and negatives of the year. My major negative was that my office is a mess and I should clean it neater. When they get to that level, you know things are going well.
I got my raise and bonus on average with the rest of the company and I also got a company car. All expenses paid for except the taxes (which the government is trying to raise).
My new Toyota Corolla should be here tomorrow morning and then I am done with sheruts forever. I enjoyed the morning train, but that half hour was the only part of the hour and a half commute that was even partially acceptable.

Now I have to buy CDs to burn so I can start listening to the daf on the way to work. I'm way behind in Taanis, but if I can get 2 pages in every day, I'll catch up before they finish.
I will also be able to finally get to shul in the morning. If I leave 10 minutes later then I leave now, I will be able to get to minyan at the Technion and still get to work at the same time.

God is great.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, The Omnipotent One truly is great, but that doesn't take away from the fact that you deserve the car, the raise and the bonus! Mazel-Tov!

Jacqui, where are you??? I so enjoyed the back-and-forth dialogue.

Bubby-Sabba Bubby