Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year

It's a new secular new year and in Israel it is celebrated as Sylvester day. When I hear the name Sylvester, I think of a black cat with a white stomach, but apparantly he was also a prominent christian. Israel celebrates the new year in a serious, solemn way which includes prayer, ram's horns and various symbols of a good year such as apple dipped in honey and the head of a fish. It would never fly in Israel to celebrate the new year with drunken parties so they decided to celebrate the fact that a Chistian who persecuted Jews is now dead. So secular Jews throughout Israel raised their glasses in a toast and said, "May all our enemies die like Sylvester died." Then they went on a drunken binge.
Ynet reported today that a prominent Reform leader had an improper "relationship" with a young girl in a pre-military academy who was the daughter of an outspoken prominent reform leader. According to Ynet, while the exact details of the relationship are unknown, the rabbinical studies of the reform leader have been ceased.
The reform movement generally has no problem accepting sexual deviants into the rabbinate. The question here is exactly what is the new policy? Is it that rabbis cannot sleep with underage people? underage girls? underage lifeforms? or specifically children of other prominent outspoken reform leaders?

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