Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Signs from God.

Today I ordered a salad for lunch and they forgot to bring it. They brought everyone else's order, including salads. I decided God didn't want me to eat salad today, so I told my secretary to order me a pizza instead. The pizza came, and that is a sign from God that he is happy with my order.

The pizza was slightly burnt, which I took as a sign from God that he was so happy with the order that he took part of it for himself with a fire from heaven.

The chief of staff of the IDF resigned last night. I haven't talked to anyone who thought that was a bad idea and I spoke to people all across the political spectrum.


Innovative Change said...

Does that mean if the Bears win on Sunday, I can assume that it is a sign from God that he is pleased with my fandom actions, or pleased with other Bears fans actions or do I assume that he is angry at people from New Orleans (plenty of good reasons for Him to be angry)?

Anonymous said...

are you high?

rockofgalilee said...

is this moe aka gumby?
I am not high, I am very tired.
This post came about after a lunch conversation yesterday where I explained to someone the Jewish concept of "The world was created for me." The way I explained that was that any event that happens that you know about is supposed to have a direct impact on you, even if it is only emotional. That means that from Moe's perspective, if the Bears win then it is because God is happy with him personally.
However, in reality we all know that if the Bears win it is because God is angry with the world.

Anonymous said...

was your pizza a lunch or a snack? did you eat the whole thing? and did you bentch after?

rockofgalilee said...

This time I didn't eat the whole pizza, and it was still a snack.
One of the reasons I ordered the pizza was because it was coming after lunch ended for me, so I would be eating and working. I can't eat a salad while working, but I have no problem eating pizza while working (kind of like eating cookies).
I did not bentsch, I said an al hamichya. I still have to do some research on the whole bentsching issue.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true Detroit Lions fan (I didn't know that they still existed or at least would publicly admit to being so :-))

I've got a great idea for your round 1 draft pick, how about another wide receiver?

If this does happen, you can bet God is angry at every Detroit Lions fan!