Tuesday, January 23, 2007

goings on

Sometimes Dilbert has perspective and other times Dilbert is just dumb. Yesterday's Dilbert was dumb. They are making a whole week series about the alien which will at times be funny. But the opening salvo is definitely missing what it needs. Today's was decent and can relate to a business environment.

On Sunday night we had a couple of seminary girls over the house, the wife's cousin and her friend. We took them bowling in Karmiel and I am embarrassed to say that I lost 1 of the 3 games. The plan was to hit a strike in the last frame and then win, but in the last frame I only got a spare (the last pin was rocking back and forth and should have fallen) and lost by 4 points.

I have my end of year meeting at the end of the month, it was postponed from yesterday. This is the big meeting where I find out if I get my car or not.

And finally it looks like our community swimming pool will be opening soon. It has been closed since this summer when it got a direct hit by a katyusha. When that is finished there will be no remnants of the war (aside from a little PTSS) and I can therefore remove the tshirts and mugs from the site.


StoryWriter said...

great reason! did they make you any money?

rockofgalilee said...

Not a lot. I only sold a few shirts and the profit margin isn't that high.