Wednesday, January 04, 2006

god bless

First of all, God bless Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. May he live till 120 years old. Hopefully he'll have enough sense now to retire and live out the rest of his life playing with his grandchildren.

God Bless Randal McCloy who was the lone survivor of the West Virginian exploding mine mishap. He's in critical condition and needs our hopes and prayers. If you have a free moment, find out what hospital he's in and send a card.

God Bless Jerry Groves, Marshall Winans and the rest of them all who did not make it out of the mine alive, as was first reported. They have moved from almost heaven, to the real thing.

God Bless Terry Helms who was first reported to be the only casualty.

God bless the friends and family of the miners who have been suffering through this tragedy.

As old grampa isy would say "you can't win for losing" and "I'm slow as molasses and just as slow"


Air Time said...

Technically, that would be late grandpa Isy.

iSrAeLiWannab said...

omg i keep 4getting hes dead

Veev said...

Sim, this was actually pretty sensitive of you.