Sunday, January 29, 2006

hamas = PA

The majority of palestinians voted that they preferred Hamas to any of the alternatives. Hamas kicked Israel out of Gaza, sure they had a lot of help from Fatah, but the Fatah leadership kept condemning the actions. Now that they have succeeded in making Israel kneel once by leaving Gaza, they plan on doing it again and again. They have already threatened that if any of the tax monies that Israel has promised not to hand over was late, then there would be a lot of dead bodies in Israel. Israel responded by handing over the money and declaring that it was because the new government hadn't been formed yet. But if Hamas is given the government, then they won't pass over another penny. (Laugh. snort. whatever.) Olmert doesn't have the cajones to stand up to Hamas. He helped push the Gazan retreat and now he is giving money to official terrorists. These are the same terrorists who Israel spent a lot of effort getting the world to condemn. Now that Israel has to deal with them, and they will deal with them, they will lose all their credibility. Especially after the first suicide bomber paid for with money that Israel collected for them.

My mom asked me if I was nervous now that Hamas was in power. To tell you the truth, I don't see any difference between this regime and the prior regime. Is there anyone who believes that the past government was not involved in terror attacks? The al aqsa brigades is the Fatah military wing. The Hamas also has military and political wings.

One thing that the elections show us very clearly is that when democracy is given to an immoral group of people, they will vote immorally. Remember, when God thought the people of Sodom and Armora were bad, he didn't try to install a democracy, he wiped them all out. Complete nuclear destruction, and as far as we know only 1 person survived. Even today, thousands of years later the effect of that destruction can be seen in the dead sea area. This desert full of nothing is the place the Torah describes as having the greenest pastures and fresh water.

What we learn from this is democracy will not fix moral corruption, only death can do that.


Anonymous said...

I thought 1 man and 2 women survived?

rockofgalilee said...

you are correct.
His two daughters also survived and played a significant contributing role to the story