Monday, January 02, 2006

its the end of chanukah

I'd say we had a very enjoyable chanukah. The kids got a bunch of presents, we saw family and friends and life is good. Last night we gave my 2 son's action figures. The first one got a crappy spiderman and the second got a cool ninja turtle (called tzavei ninsha in Hebrew). The crappy spiderman, was not purposefully crappy. My wife, God bless her, said that it cost the same amount as the ninja turtle., but it was so crappy they didn't even paint the back of it, His back was all red and it broke within 2 minutes of him getting it.

You might expect torrents of tears and hysterics from the first son who is prone to those kind of fits. Especially when his brand new spiderman's leg snapped away from the body. (I couldn't find the piece that broke off, so it is possible it was broken to begin with). He came over to me and asked very nicely if I could fix it. So I told him I would have to fix it overnight. We decided it wasn't fixable and we should get him a decent toy instead, so this morning he had his choice of either spiderman or a ninja turtle like his brother and he picked the ninja turtle. I'm very proud of him.

Last night was also a milestone night in other parts of the family. My oldest daughter(7) slept at her friend's house for the first time. My wife was very nervous about it, but she slept there the entire night and didn't even call home once.

8 candles up, 8 candles down. Finish this holiday and start getting ready for...Purim!!


Rolling hills of green said...

And his Daddy is going to teach him the whole ninja turtle theme song tonight.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Purim...How about Tu Bishvat?!

Tovya @ Zion Report said...

ah, quality "made in china" toys. i think those nickle-an-hour kids who are making those toys are slacking off, Hasbro should cut off their bonuses this year.