Wednesday, January 11, 2006

no biz with robertson

Israel has decided not to do business with Pat Robertson, a Christian evangelical, because he said that he believes that the prime inister was struck down by God as a punishment for the disengagement.

What a load of crap.

Since when did belief in God forestall a business relationship in Israel? Israel!!??!
Just because someone in the tourism ministry disagrees with his assessment of the situation should not affect a business relationship. He didn't say he hopes the prime minister gets struck down. He didn't say he's happy the prime ministers brain started bleeding.
That happened without him.
All he did was give religious reasons why the prime minister cannot stand up today. I don't see that belief as preventing any relationship with the State of Israel. People who believe in God, whether they be Jewish or other religion, must know that when the prime minister of Israel is struck with a serious medical condition that it is not by accident. Some people may believe that we don't know if it was the disengagement or some other reason, but all religious people who believe in divinical intervention must know that God was involved in this stroke and then further brain bleed.

Sure calling the prime minister a sinner isn't going to get you points, but he is an admitted sinner. If you've been following the news recently you'll see a lot of pictures of Sharon wearing a kippa. As if the newspaper portraying him as religious will confuse God and cause him to wonder if he struck the wrong person.


Anonymous said...

In fully concur… If you ask me it has nothing to do with what this Robertson dude said its just what he believes in, that’s costing him the deals.

rockofgalilee said...

As soon as he apologized for his insensitive remarks, the deal was being reconsidered.