Monday, January 16, 2006

good business year

I had my end of year review today at work. I summarized my work for the year in 4 short sentences. The hard part is sitting down and thinking, did I do 4 sentences worth of work this year which are worth mentioning? Then my boss asked me if I actually thought that one of the items I mentioned was worth mentioning or not because it didn't seem to him like I spent that much time on it. I explained that I felt it was a very important step for the company, so even though it only represented a small amount of time, it represented a significant contribution.

All in all it was a very good year for both the company and I. I explained to them where I wanted to be in 5 years and how that fit in with my vision of the company. Obviosuly I didn't explain my whole plan, because then they would have had me commited.

I can imagine that this is how it works with God when you die. You sit down opposite him and a ministering angel and he gives you your grade for the year and how he thought you did. Then you get to tell God what you liked and didn't like about your life. There's a discussion about how things could have been better and what the next 2000 years will be like.

Then he gives you your harp and sends you to heaven.
Or he doesn't.


DAG said...

Did you get graded on saying I instead of me?

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2R said...

congrats! Good plan not telling them your whole plan... ;)