Monday, January 09, 2006

the why of the stroke

A big topic in Israel right now is why did the Prime Minister have a stroke. The common answers are (listed from physical to metaphysical):
  • He was fat and old
  • Shimon Peres
  • Real evidence was found against him that he accepted bribery
  • He gave away the land of Israel
  • The pulsa denura got him
While Shimon Peres is the most obvious and logical answer, I'm looking at the land of Israel answer, as Pat Robertson (the christian evangelist) believes. This theory was given a huge boost in possibility when Rabbi Weinreb of the OU discounted it immediately and completely. When an Orthodox Jewish rabbi hears nonsense coming out of a preachers mouth, he usually laughs and ignores it. When he hears something correct that's when the denial comes in hard and fast. You will never hear Rabbi Weinreb get up and declare (for example), Pat Robertson is a nutcase Mary couldn't have been a virgin.

Now a commonly asked question, mostly jeeringly, is if God is punishing the evil, sinning, Prime Minister, why didn't he stop the withdrawal? A stroke a month or two before the evacuation would have done wonders for the communities of the FGK (former gush katif). The answer to that is obvious with a quick glace through history.
Scroll back to Titus, who destroyed the second Bais Hamikdash (temple). God let him through the door to do his dirty work. And then (according to tradition) while he was boasting at how he killed the Jewish God, a little mosquito flew in through his nose and hammered at his brain, driving him slowly insane.
None of the rabbis got up after that and said, we're not really sure why Titus died. Maybe it was just a coincidence.
The fact is that God decided the Bais Hamikdash had to be destroyed and he sent Titus. God decided the Jews in Spain needed to be shaken up and he sent the Inquisition. God decided that the Jews needed a smack and bang the gas chambers of Germany sprang up. Exactly what caused God to get mad at us, I'm not really sure. But we know things like this don't happen by accident.

Did God want the communities of Gaza torn down and their residents sent off to find dig new root? The answer is obviously yes. We did what we could. We davened, applied political pressure and our bribery-laden lobbying didn't work either.

God saw what was offered and he said, "Nope. Gaza's going down."

That didn't let the guy who implemented it off the hook, though. He didn't do it in the nicest of ways as the latest Comptroller's report should have told us. He ignored the rabbis who told him that it was improper for a Jewish government to do this. After he was finished God's work. God looked at him and said, you scum bag. And then he smacked him.

This is the second prime minister who had the pulsa denora thrown at him. It is also the second prime minister in a row to be working close with Shimon Peres.


stillruleall said...

Shimon Peres was definitely the cause. He was the last one to talk to him before Sharon went down....

rockofgalilee said...

You're beginning to see it.
Ever wonder where the second and third mysterious bullet holes in Rabin came from?

When the paid assassin missed, Peres shot him himself.

Jerusalemcop said...

i suppose that explains the kennedy magic bullet theory too