Tuesday, January 10, 2006

tenth of teves

On this tenth day of teves, when the evil nevuchadnetzer started the siege against Jerusalem, we should pray.

We should pray that Jerusalem is besieged no more.

We should pray for strength and fortitude against our enemies who seek to destroy us.

We should pray for mashiach to come and bring us back the Jerusalem that we lost back then.

And we should all say Amen.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Amen. And may we be worthy to see the realization of the words of the Navi:

כה אמר ה' צבאות צום הרביעי (י"ז בתמוז) וצום החמישי (ט' באב) וצום השביעי (צום גדליה) וצום העשירי (עשרה בטבת) יהיה לבית יהודה לששון ולשמחה ולמועדים טובים והאמת והשלום אהבו

SHEV said...

ooo that was THIS fast???! i thought the seige jlem deal was the other one...umm...ninth of something- tamuz maybe?

rockofgalilee said...


you didn't pay attention in class. 17 tamuz was the end of the siege. they broke down the walls.
9 Av they burnt the bais hamikdash