Wednesday, March 15, 2006

an enjoyable purim

We had a very enjoyable Purim. My parents and littlest sister came up from the less then holy land to celebrate with us. My kids dressed as harry potter, shabbat queen, ninja turtle/spiderman and barney.

Monday night we had a community Purim party that was very culturally Israeli. The food was cold falafel and there was a costume competition and then an evening of song. The children got to watch a magician and a couple plays and they enjoyed it very much. The costumes were interesting, especially noteworthy was a couple who dressed up as MP3. She wore the M and he wore the P3. On the back they had the words in Hebrew, she was אם (mother) and he was פי 3 (times 3). He was dressed in a "fat" costume.

The evening of song was enjoyable. My dad had never been to or heard of one before. He found it amazing that Israelis could sit around for 2 hours and sing old songs. There was a guitarist and the words to each song were projected on a screen.

Shaloch manos was good this year. I grilled my steaklets right after davening and then delivered them warm. Most of our friends were actually home this year, which was surprising. My neighbor refused to eat a steak for breakfast, so he had to heat it up later. His loss. Being fleishigs first thing in the morning is a segula for being fleishigs for lunch and being fleishigs for lunch is a segula for being fleishigs for dinner.

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