Tuesday, March 28, 2006

i voted gimmel; wife voted Good

I got up early this morning. Not because I was excited about elections, but because the baby got up at 5:45. So I went to an early morning shachris and then got home as the kids were finishing breakfast. We went out to the yard and started gardening, I cleared away a new vegetable patch and we planted cherry tomatos, regular tomatos and zucchinis (but the planting took place much later). Then we went to vote.

I voted Gimmel.
My wife voted Good.

Then we went hiking, it was just like Sunday, we went to the keshet cave and then the the namar cave. They are on the lebanese border and there are hidden treasures in them. My children were looking for dinosaues because I told them there were baby dragons in the caves and they didn't know the difference and then ignored me when I tried explaining it. The keshet cave was a has been. Local legend has it that there used to be a cave there but it was inhabited by a band of robbers. One of the robbers repented after seeing mohammead in a dream. He told the others they should become farmers. The other robbers decided it was easier being robbers and they were going to push him out of the cave and down the cliff, but as they planned it the cave roof collapsed and only the one part (the part that is still standing) the the good robber was standing under stayed up.We saw someone kind of rappel down the side. It was only kind of because he was more let down on a string and there were no walls to repel against.
Then we walked to namar, but there was a sign by the nature authority that said entrance forbidden because bats hiberate in the cave in the winter and they didn't want us waking them. So we continued walking to the bottom and then rested for a bit and walked all the way back up.

Finally we had a nice bbq with 3 other families. A really nice evening. Well balanced with 2 English speaking and 2 Hebrew speaking. I don't like having too many english speakers because then there is mostly english going on and the hebes feel left out. - they were here first - so I always have either all english or no more english people then the number of hebes. It helps our hebrew as well.

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