Tuesday, March 21, 2006

got a sign

We're in the middle of election season and I finally sold out and got a big orange sign for my property that says (in Hebrew) "a new right has arisen" and it supports the NRP nd NU merged party. I was talking to our local NRP bigshot who asked me if I had a sign yet./ I told him I didn't know who I was voting for yet, and he said that was fine, but I still needed a sign in my yard. I'll probably end up voting for them anyway, and it is the party that the majority of the community supports, so I put it down to public service.

There really aren't a lot of choices to vote for, I mean there are a ton of choices, but none of them are any good. A guy at work suggested that voting would be a lot more popular if you couldvote for who you didn't want. He was going to vote against Peretz (Labor). The death penalty also seems to be popular in our office, and if any candidate supported it, he would be a shoo in.

Speaking of the death penalty, whoever came up with the NU NRP mergers campaign should be shot. They are focusing on things that absolutely nobody cares about. They are not focusing on the things they are good at that people do care about, like education. Their campaign should focus on raising the standard of education and building a strong nationalistic country, not being a new right wing.

The Green Leaf party probably won't make it in and neither will Marzel. The polls are showing Shinui not getting in either. That's the pot heads, the hot heads and the snot heads.

They are saying that the polls don't really reflect reality though because there are 25 undecided seats. That's a 20% swing vote. It also seems like the people who aren't sure aren't going to vote Kadima, they are trying to decide which of the other bad parties to vote for.

I'll try to keep y'all updated on the election happenings, but the good news is that we have a vacation day. That means I might not vote, because we can go on a full day tiyul. What kind of idiot decided that there should be no work on voting day. They should give off the day after voting as a reward for the ountry if they get a high turnout.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Rock; You have to vote...sorry.

Not voting is a vote for sitra achra.

Robyn said...

I liked the rhyme

rockofgalilee said...

we're against the sitra achra. and if we vote shas we go to heaven

Anonymous said...

rock, if you dont mind voting for small parties the Bead Arzenyu party is a religious party that wants to get rid of Parliamentary Democracy and establsih a Monarchy.

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