Thursday, March 09, 2006

talk backers in trouble

Now, not only bloggers need to worry about whether what they write will pass the legal litmus test in Israel, people who write Talk Backs to newspaper articles are in danger of being prosecuted.
The new Yisraeli newspaper, handed out for free in bus and train stations reported today that a newspaper had a story about a mother and a daughter and a couple of Talk Backs hinted at who the father was. I don't know that story, so I can't comment on that in detail, but basically it said that they are going to start tracking down people who leave Talk Backs and prosecute them if their views don't conform with that of shabak.
(Can you say administrative detention).
I mostly read ynetnews to get my Israeli news of the day and the talkbacks are very entertaining for the most part. There are 5 or 6 writers and 100 comments. After someone comments the other people comment back to them.

I may write about these commentors one day, now that they are marked as international talkbackists. So here's to Abdulla, Bunnie Meyer, Michael Steiner, Josh, Yishai Kohen from YeSHa and the rest of you. You better watch your back. Shabak is watching you.

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