Thursday, March 30, 2006

HOP box 2

Last night I started the second box of Hooked on Phonics with my oldest daughter. She is totally bonkers over Harry Potter right now, and after opening the box, I called out to my wife that there was Harry Potter book 5 in the box and I wasn't sure if we should let her read it or not. Then I told her I was just kidding. She got so mad, it was so funny. We did learn to read some some new sounds: both th as in thin and th as in that are in the new section, as is sh, ch, sk, sc and a bunch more. By this time next year, maybe she'll be able to read Harry Potter 5 in English.

Number 2 wants to learn to read English as well, and we just found out what her Hebrew reading problem might be. She needs glasses. As soon as we are comfortable with her Hebrew reading she gets to start English.


Anonymous said...

isnt it odd that "phonics" isnt spelled the way it sounds?

rockofgalilee said...

i think they did that on purpose.