Thursday, March 09, 2006

just a random post

It's hailing. Again. In March. And my bus isn't for another 10 minutes and I don't want to go outside and wait. And 2 days ago it was 80 degrees (not israeli/canadian degrees, real degrees).The folks are coming up for Purim in a couple days and I'm hoping we get some decent weather.
There are a couple of big events going on in March.
First was sister-in-law deb's bday. then yak and debs anniversary, then my baby turns 3. The next day my wife turns 30. A week later my little brother turns 29.
Seems like everyone is getting older.
There was some excitement in ISrael today, the Baby Ruth bar arrived. I don't know exactly when it came or how long its been here, but I noticed it for the first time today. I haven't had a baby ruth in a long time and the peanuts and nougat really hit the spot.

Shout out to the Nestle folks.


Rolling hills of green said...

so kitkat crunch really doesn't compare?

-y- said...

babyruths are the snickers without the peanuts, right? why would someone not want the peanuts there?

rockofgalilee said...

baby ruth has peanuts.
I think the difference is baby ruth has nougat and snickers ahs caramel.