Thursday, March 23, 2006

tzim tzimmering

To celebrate my wife's birthday we are going to a tzimmer for the night and then doing something fun tomorrow without the kids. A tzimmer, for those chulnikim that have never heard the word, is a nice little getaway generally in the north. You can see details at We are going to moshav avivim, closer to the Lebanese border then we actually live. The problems with some of the nice tzimmers that I saw on the website is that it has the same view as I see from my house, one of them seemed like it was directly across the mountain from the picture of the view they had up. One might think that if city folks come to the country for vacation that the country folks would go to the city for vacation, but that isn't even remotely true. The reason the city folks come to the country for vacation is because that is where everyone truly wants to be. (except for one friend who hates trees and needs to live in urbania).

This will be the first time we have went away by ourselves since my eldest was born 8 years ago. (Yes she's already 8). We have left some of them before with my parents before we aliyahed, but we always had at least one with us. This was made possibility by our neighbors who wanted to do something nice for my wife on her brithday and offered to watch the kids. Since the baby just turned 3 and he really is sleeping through most of the night and hasn't had a complete freak attack when I've gone up to him recently, we accepted. My wife thinks that he considers the neighbor like a second mom anyways, so it should be no problem. My oldest didn't want to sleep with everyone else, so she gets to go to a friends house and she is very excited about it.

Tonight we have a reservation at a nice steak house in Moshav Dishon called El Rancho (kosher hechsher, but with some kosher mehadrin food). Tomorrow we are planning on going horse back riding at vered hagalil and then maybe hiking somewhere in the area.
For shabbos we're invited out for lunch and eating home for dinner but the food is already cooked. (yay wife).

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