Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Black Jack morality

A Breitbart article talks about an ordinance in the city of Black Jack, Missouri, which doesn't allow more then 3 people from living in the same single family house unless they are related by blood, marriage or adoption. This ordinance is upsetting an unmarried couple who have been living together for 13 years and have 4 children from different marriages/relationships. They feel that the city is trying to impose their morals and ideas of what makes up a family on the residents.

I don't have any problem with a US city democratically voting to uphold a certain level of morals. If you don't want to follow those morals then Get Out Of Town. The residents will have their rights violated by letting people who are publicly sinning live in their community. They are trying to raise their children to be good moral people, which includes marrying the person you are living with. This couple has the option to get married and they will not be subject to fines.

We are not talking about an archaic law from the middle ages here, this was put on the books in 1985. If the people of Black Jack Missouri decide that they want to lower their moral standard then they can vote on it in the next elections, but it seems to me that the good peopel of Black Jack are intent at keeping the pretense of a moral and just country life.

I am not sure what right of the couple is being violated by the city, as they can live in a different town that doesn't have that rule. Why should they force their morals on the rest of the city just because they found a nice place to live. It is a nice place to live, probably mostly because there aren't immoral people like themselves, living in sin, hanging around.

This is not prejudice on the basis of race or any other qualification. Even gay people can live in their city as long as they don't have any children (unless there is another law about that). The fact is that this couple is publicly flaunting their immorality in the face of a community that is not willing to accept that kind of behavior.

Shout Out to Black Jack Missouri. Keep the faith.


Anonymous said...

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Just Shu said...

They had a similar law in McKeesport. This was a problem with the dorm, there couldn't be more than two guys per apartment. It took a few months but they were able to amend the law.