Sunday, May 28, 2006

happy brithday

It was my birthday on Friday and my wife made me a very nice birthday party shabbos afternoon. We had 6 couples over with their families and the kids had a great time beating each other up. From what I gethered, they were playing cops and robbers - boys against girls. It took me a while to figure that out while watching the much bigger girls throw the little boys on the ground and then into the fisher price house while kicking and screaming. (All of the girls are bigger then the boys in our crowd.) A nice time was had by all. I got one present, someone gave me a book that he wrote on education in Hebrew called, "Even parents need to grow up."

To reciprocate I let him read my book on Labor and Delivery which he had a hard time with because it was in English. I couldn't give him a copy because only 10 were printed and they've all been given out. If anybody is interested in reading "Labor and Delivery" leave a comment with an email address and I will send it. I wrote it from the woman's perspective and it is all in rhyme. It is appropriate to read after the first one is born, but can be read before the second one.

As a second birthday present, the Hizballah decided to send some rockets our way. The last news report said they hadn't gone farter west then manara, which is about 45 minutes from us, but my wife says she can hear the explosions. It looks like we're not going out for dinner tonight, though I am not clearing out our bomb shelter because there isn't enough room in there for all of us for more then 15 minutes. I should probably put building a bigger bomb shelter higher up on my priority list.

The doctor initiative is slowly gathering speed. We've gotten a number
of resumes so far, with minimal advertising. If I wasn't clear before
we are working with a company that does telephone medicine. It's an
exciting opportunity for doctors in Israel who are interested in part
time work to help supplement their income. If you know of any doctors who are licensed in the US and would be interested in supplementing their income, please let us know at:


DAG said...

The girls were the police????

JoeSettler said...

If they were beating up children, in Israel that makes you the Police.

rockofgalilee said...

They actually took turns. After the girls were the police then the boys were the police. But the boys were all half the size of the girls so it was funny to watch

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Happy Birthday! Mazal Tov!

Just Passing Through said...

I may be wrong on this, but you may want to renew your domain name.

rockofgalilee said...


My email domain doesn't have a website. The details of the physician initiative are given out by request. That way I make sure that I get my commission for referring.
You aren't the first one who mentioned this though, so it might be a good idea to revive the technologism website with at least some sort of I exist page.