Monday, May 22, 2006

running away is a crime in itself

I saw an interesting article on ynet that said petach tikva was for sale on EBay. I didn't believe the article so I checked Ebay and found the auction. It is currently at $255. It includes a standing room seat on the bus from petach tikva to Tel Aviv.

Another interesting thing I saw on Ynet recent updates is that someone was indicted for killing a person for looking at him. He is also charged with leaving the scene of a crime. I guess if someone is stupid enough to stab someone 4 times for looking at him he is also stupid enough to commit the gross and heinous crime of leaving the scene.

I feel that leaving the scene should, in most cases, be part of the same crime. For example shoplifting. If you don't leave the scene of the crime, then you didn't really shoplift and therefore there was no crime. Murder is technically different because the guy is dead whether you wait for the police to arrive or not. In pirkei avos it asks why God created the world in 10 sayings instead of just doing it all at once (which he is perfectly capable of doing) and the answer is did give more credit to the righteous and more punishment to the wicked.

Somehow I doubt that was the intention of the Israeli justice system when they came up with a law against running away after you commit a crime.


kasamba said...

1- Is that a seat ON the bus, or FROM the bus. If it's from the bus, it would look great in my dining room.

2- Now I will really run when someone says, "Hey whadda you lookin at?"

Just Shu said...

just to update you the price for Petach Tikva has risen to $14,999.99

rockofgalilee said...

The price of petach tikva is up to $165,000. However, the auctioneer posted an update saying that it was a joke and she is afraid that the winner will be suck with ... petach tikva.