Thursday, May 18, 2006

friday night

An MIT professor has taken research to a new level to try and figure out exactly how children learn to speak. While on the one hand there is an oops button, so they can erase the embarrassing moments, on the other hand, those moments are probably the most impressionable and the researchers will never know that they happened.

Dilbert was exceptional today, you have to read the archives to get the whole picture, but dogbert's answer, "Doesn't that seem like a stupid question now?" is spot on.

What kind of school has programs for little kids late at night just so children can stay up late for shabbos? My friend in jlem sends his children to a school that has an activity for children on Friday night between minchah and maariv. My children, thankfully, go to sleep before shabbos starts when it gets late because they are too tired to stay up.

This is relevant because if the kids are going to stay up late then they need to take a nap during the day. If they need to take a nap then we can't go to ein prat so instead we're going to the zoo.

This friend does not read my blog because he said he only wants to read my anonymous blog, which still doesn't exist. He doesn't believe the content on a non-anonymous blog is worth reading.

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