Wednesday, May 10, 2006

who voted for the pensioners?????

It's nice and cute to have these old folks in the Knesset with a goal of making the lives of other old folks easier. But at least one of them must have alzheimers or something. Moshe Sharoni suggested that kashrut be abolished to make prices of food cheaper. Does he think that he is a member of Shinui? Does he know that the anti-religious party collapsed?

In another attack on religion, Avraham Gal the head of the Cultural Judaism Center is upset that he didn't receive any money from the government to advance his cause. You can see this from the way he uses the word parasite. What is cultural Judaism that explains things in a non-missionary way? Go and explain Chanukah without bringing in religion. That isn't a traditional explanation, so it isn't a culutral explanation either. Culture stems from tradition.

Last night the office took us out to Papagaios, a very nice steak house in Haifa. One of the guys was surprised that a kosher restaurant would have good food. I explained to him that kosher meant there was no milk in the meat, not that they first piss on the food. He disagreed.


Jerusalemcop said...

these comments don't bode well for the future of Judaism. The further away people become from their religious ancestors, the closer they become to losing all meaning to their yiddishkeit.

If this is the way they think, it's scary to think what their children will believe.


Rafi G. said...

people are so ignorant. I wrote about Sharoni in my blog today earlier.. check it out..

DAG said...

Like old people or something

Avi said...

What scares me more is he doesn't know economics. Food suppliers pay for heckshers because it increased demand and lowers prices. They wouldn't do it if it wasn't profitable.

JoeSettler said...

You recommend reading this article!