Sunday, May 07, 2006

joined the pool

I joined the pool this week because they opened up separate swimming hours twice a week during times that were actually good for me. Signing up for a membership here isn't like signing up for a membership there. I had to sit through 20 minutes of propoganda about the owner and what a good guy he was before he would let me pay.
He's quasi shomer shabbat,
so they don't have a cash register on shabbat, membership only. You know there's really no problem if people pay beforehand... Separate swimming is nice, but it is a business decision... blah blah blah... But finally he allowed me to pay and I am now a member of the pool for a year.

The exercise will do me good. Right now I don't move at all during the week, except Thursday night I play ball and Friday we generally go tiyuling or I work in the garden.


Jerusalemcop said...

is the place really shomer shabbat? or just no money handling on shabbat?

do they have a minyan by teh pool? ;)

sounds strange.


rockofgalilee said...

no, it's not shomer shabbat in the traditional sense. There may be room to suggest that if you hold of being allowed to swim on shabbos and if you walk and don't use the electronic membership card then you technically didn't do anything wrong.

It was just funny that he felt he had to sell me the owner of the establishment, when I already told him I wanted to buy a membership.

Jerusalemcop said...

he must've been bored....

docyaak said...

in a few weeks i'll be joining the local pool in detroit, and they are shomer shabbos too

SHEV said...

there IS not local pool in detroit jake